EPISODE 1 – Niyati Libotte: I got kicked out of home for following my heart.

When Niyati’s parents started pushing her towards a career she had little interest in, she realised she had to make a decision; defy her strict parents, or defy her own heart. The outcome would change her life in ways she never imagined possible.

EPISODE 2 – Matthew Klein: I left a cult and it came at a cost.

Looking back, Matt Klein realises there were obvious warning signs that the path he was taking wasn’t an admission to your everyday religious organisation.


‎‎EPISODE 3 – Kaya Wilson: After my accident, I changed my identity.

‎Writer and tsunami scientist, Kaya Wilson, tells the story of a horrific accident that hit the accelerator on his decision to trainisiotn from the gender her was assigned at birth. ‎

EPISODE 4 – Dr Catherine Kizana: I admitted myself to a psych-unit.

Dr Catherine Kizana’s crossroad moment came when she decided to admit herself to a psychiatric hospital for treatment of postnatal anxiety.

EPISODE 5 – Jim Grey: I joined the army, and I didn’t tell her. 

Jim Grey explains why he left the house one morning and joined the Australian Army without telling his partner, or anyone for that matter.

EPISODE 6 – Kai Noonan: I quit my job and went on an adventure. 

Kai Noonan tells the story of resigning from her job and driving across the country on a journey of discovery.