Meet The Team

Grace Rouvray – Executive Producer

Grace has a rather eclectic resume in the entertainment industry across producing, writing, acting, voice over, comedy, postproduction and casting. Grace has a passion for creating relatable content filled with heart and silliness. In 2017 she created the series 600 Bottles of Wine which was acquired by the BBC, Network Ten and Netflix. With her diverse skill set Grace is diving head first into her role as Executive Producer to steer this podcast from creative to delivery.

Megan Hui – Host

Megan has had a passion for radio and podcasting since she was a child when she’d re-record the 2SM intro over the top of old cassette tapes, it was this that sparked her love of radio broadcasting. Fast-forward to the present day, and Megan found herself landing a gig at regional radio station, C91.3FM in Promotions and Digital Content creation. Megan is super excited to create fun, engaging and wacky content, about the things you wouldn’t normally know too much about!

Charles Hearn-Sarchfield – Social Producer

Charles also known as Charlie has big dreams to be a Social Media Producer for Triple J one day. With months to go with AFTRS Charlie has his eyes set on the prize. Charlie is so excited to be working with the CRAZE team to make this last broadcast special. Charlie will see you soon and hopes you all enjoy CRAZE which he is dying to hear with everyone.

Emily Waterson – Producer

There is nothing in this world that Emily isn’t interested in, even the mosquitos that take refuge on her arm receive a brief, but passionate observation from their host. As a producer for CRAZE, Emily is enthusiastic about delivering the weird and wonderful stories that exist in every corner, especially those that hide beneath the flood waters of everyday trends. Being a big fan of podcasts herself, Em is finally ready to step up the plate and share some of the serious silliness she loves so dearly.

Liam Coffey – Social Producer

Liam is an on-air/podcast presenter and producer with previous experience, including a Certificate IV and Diploma of Screen and Media with a focus on radio. He was also a contributor for Off-Campus Radio and a volunteer for FBI Radio. His ambition started when he was a child after hearing the incredible talent of Kyle & Jackie O and Hamish & Andy: after graduating high school, he wanted to give it his all. Liam has been awarded the Selwyn Speight Scholarship for Radio Excellence and will embark on an internship with ABC.

Simon Beaton – Producer

Simon is a content creator with a passion for sharing the authentic stories of others through audio. With experience as a Podcast Producer for LiSTNR’s Australia Today & Morning Agenda podcasts, Simon is excited to be part of the team at CRAZE and to deep dive headfirst into finding out more about the trends that have swept us away.

Natalie Agius – Producer

My name Is Nat, and I am a proud First Nations woman and one of the Audio Producers for the Craze Podcast. I have a very cute (but big) dog called Fang – (named after Hagrid’s dog from Harry Potter)  
Pro: I love to chat 
Con: I love to chat so much I am usually late because of it  
Pro: I love to cook 
Con: I skim on the instructions for what I am cooking – eat if you dare 
Pro: Loves music 
Con: Loves to sing and will serenade you all. (Conflicted that this might be a pro) 

Adair Sheppard – Producer

Adair is nerdy about all things podcasting and audio. While her previous experience has mainly been in editing and sound design, she is most excited to get behind the mic and explore the stories of all things newsworthy in regional towns. Before pursuing a career in audio, Adair studied Linguistics and interned at the Macquarie Dictionary. As a result, she loves a deep dive and getting really into the weeds with research.

Melissa Maltby – Producer

Mel is an aspiring producer, with a strong understanding of commercial radio and podcasting. She understands what makes a great break and is interested in pop culture, music, news and current affairs. As a new addition to the Kyle and Jackie-O team, Mel has been surrounded by the best in the business to learn about great content and how it’s executed in a professional environment. She hopes to perfect her producer skills during the creation of CRAZE, and to have a finish product that she is proud to be apart of.

Camille Thomson – Producer

Camille is a Science communicator and Educator who has created events and content with leading researchers nationally, linking them to audiences live and digitally. She has volunteered with Pint of Science Australia and National Science week events.
She is always striving to communicate science and other fun topics in a way that is engaging and accessible to all.